CalmCircle is a foundational, practical, web-based solution to the rampant problem of high stress levels and poor sleep quality in the workplace and college environment. Learn how CalmCircle helped organizations transform employee and student well-being through mindfulness, mental rest and relaxation methods.

Arizona State University

With a shared commitment to student wellness, the CalmCircle team partnered with Arizona State University to host a pilot program for students. With support from several ASU leaders and faculty, a variety of students across all four ASU campuses were offered the opportunity to participate in the effective program. Discover how college students managed their stress, improved productivity and enhanced sleep patterns with CalmCircle.


Masters of Social Work

CalmCircle was invited to work with two Masters of Social Work classes for the 2017 Spring Semester as a component of the class syllabus. Students were in their last semester of graduate degree work and expected to graduate in spring. Read more on how CalmCircle helped students improve their stress levels, sleep quality and more.


Workplace Test Summary

The CalmCircle Workplace Test was mounted by a global company to address the challenges of a specific domestic high stress work environment. The intention was to analyze both the quantitative and qualitative impact that such a program could generate using an existing internal software program that tracks efficiency. Learn how CalmCircle contributed to increased employee efficiency by 26% within six weeks.


Lake Ridge Academy Middle School

CalmCircle and the Lake Ridge Academy Middle School partnered in a pilot program where, for six weeks, students engaged in a five-minute Calm session during their “Home Base” class. Find out how middle school students learned to control and decrease their stress levels through the CalmCircle program.