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Meditation and Sleep: Finding Space Between Thoughts

Your brain is like a muscle. If you do not relax it, it will cause you discomfort and inhibit your ability to relax or sleep. CalmCircleCollege meditation director David Less outlines the relationship between meditation and sleep, and how one can facilitate the other.

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CalmCircle Takes On College Stress

Studies show that college students face anxiety, depression, sadness and anxiety from school. As a result, they often feel out of control or disconnected with their emotions. Read more on how CalmCircle offers a solution to the struggles students face in school.

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Falling Asleep… On Purpose

Thinking rules a majority of the time in our day. It is important to learn how to give our brain rest and how to use techniques to pause these thought processes that keep our mind working. Learn more on techniques you can use to fall asleep whenever you want.

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The number of workers getting less than 6 hours of sleep each night rose about 5% between 2010 and 2018.
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Happy Thanksgiving! - The CalmCircle Team
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Entry interviews are an important part of preventing burnout. New employees may need explicit permission to unplug. It's important for hiring managers to discuss communication styles and expectations up front.