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Daylight Saving Time & Sleep Schedules: The Impact of an Hour

Unless in Hawaii or Arizona, Daylight Saving Time recently changed up sleep schedules. The November clock change offered an extra (glorious) hour of sleep time. But its impacts are even more wide-ranging. Daylight Saving Time continues to be implemented in an effort to reduce nationwide energy consumption. In fact, the four-week extension of Daylight Saving […]

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The Many Forms of Workplace Stress Management

Most people deal with stress daily, but how does your workforce handle that stress? The answer is different for everyone. There are many different and healthy ways of managing stress levels that will have a positive impact on your team’s well-being, productivity and work-life balance. Some employees choose to burn off their stress physically through […]


Walk, Breathe or Stretch – Just Move at the Office

Moving at the office is a great way to keep yourself more engaged in your work, destress, and stay healthier. There are many studies that show that being too sedentary has negative effects on your physical health. And where do many people spend hours of their day sedentary? At work, at their desks. If you […]

2019 Sleep Recommendations_K12 Students  

Official 2019 Sleep Recommendations for K12 Students  

By Mary McWilliams Official 2019 Sleep Recommendations for Students It goes without saying that sleep is important. Human health and overall well-being hinges on getting enough hours of sleep, experiencing a high quality of sleep and having effective sleep-wake transitions. Sleep is especially important for growing children and adolescents. However, there are some challenges to […]

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Top Sources of Stress for Registered Nurses in 2019  

By Mary McWilliams With an aging population that is living longer than ever before, registered nurses (RNs) continue to be one of the fastest-growing occupations. It’s not slowing down in 2019. The field is poised for upward trajectory at a 15% growth rate until 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The demand is […]

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CalmCircle Acquired by Higher Ed Growth

Higher Ed Growth Announces Acquisition, Expands Higher Education Marketing Services Equity interest acquisition of CalmCircle stress and sleep management platform for education TEMPE, Ariz. — January 9, 2019 — Higher Ed Growth (HEG), a full-service marketing agency specializing in post-secondary education, announced today that it has acquired an equity interest in CalmCircle, an online stress and […]

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New Workforce: Generation Z Reporting High Stress Levels

  By Mary McWilliams Born in the late 90s to early 2010s, the post-Millennial generation — Generation Z — is now entering the workforce. There are many factors for businesses to consider when hiring Generation Z candidates. These fresh faces are expected to bring a vast digital skill set to the workforce. They are entrepreneurial and […]

CalmCircle Visits the University of North Texas

                 CalmCircle and UNT partner in support of the student Recovery Program  

Meet our DeskFit Animation Talent

DeskFit exercises featured on the CalmCircle user site are demonstrated by an animated office worker we call “Jim”. 

Sarah McLean In the Studio

Sarah McLean, CalmCircle’s Meditation Director, was in Phoenix to record several meditation sessions on Thursday.