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CalmCircle is an innovative method designed to integrate stress relief, relaxation and mental rest into corporate, educational and healthcare institutions.

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Delivered directly to each user’s computer, tablet, or phone, CalmCircle addresses the mental and physical needs of employees and students, resulting in increased productivity, focus, positivity and well-being. By creating a “circle of calm” to access on a daily basis, users learn lifetime methods and techniques to manage stress.

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“…mindfulness research is convincing many managers that investing in reflection, openness, and thoughtfulness will have a positive impact on employees and on the bottom line.”

Harvard Business Review

“…study after study shows that mindfulness in fact makes people less stressed, more productive and maybe even healthier, and maybe even happier too.”

Wall Street Journal

“Wall Street investors take note: stock in companies recognized for outstanding employee health and wellness programs outperforms the Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 Index…”

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